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Middle Silencer DODGE CHALLENGER V6 3.6 to weld

344.00 zł
Availability: 3 In Stock

Muffler to weld in a place of the original one. Pipe diameter, dimensions of the muffler box and its length are selected so that the silencer assembly is as easy as possible.

A silencer with a straight-through construction, damped with stainless steel wool and a glass mat resistant to 800 degrees Celsius (glass mat made of full hair - we do not use scraps). Fully welded by welding robot, hand finished. Each element of the product is made using CNC technology. Crack-resistant embossed bottoms have been used.

Muffler dimensions:
Can length - 350 mm
Pipe diameter - 63.5 mm
Can diameter - 130 mm

RM MOTORS JEEP COMMANDER V8 5.7 2006-2010 Muffler

481.00 zł
Availability: 4 In Stock

Muffler RM MOTORS JEEP Cherokee XJ, 2.5 and 4.0 benz.

Below is a detailed list of models:

2.5 (EPE) 2469ccm 121KM / 89kW 1995 / 10-2001 / 09

2.5 SE (EPE) 2464ccm 118KM / 87kW 1996 / 10-1999 / 09

2.5 i 4x4 (EPE HX) 2469ccm 122KM / 90kW 1991 / 12-2001 / 09

4.0 i (MX) 3960ccm 184KM / 135kW 1999 / 02-2001 / 09

4.0 i (MX) 3964ccm 184KM / 135kW 1991 / 12-2001 / 09

4.0 i 4x4 (ERH) 3964ccm 178KM / 131kW 1995/01-2001/09

Muffler to be welded on in place of the original one. The diameter of the pipe, the dimensions of the muffler box and its length are selected so that the assembly of the silencer is as easy as possible.

Model: E002 / 60/450

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